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A Response from Dr. Yalcin Ayasli Featured

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Dear members of the press,

The article published in TurkishNY on September 12, 2017 under the heading “How Did Borajet’s Previous Owner Yalcin Ayasli Bypass Iran Sanctions?” do not reflect the truth.

This article is part of a months long attempt to put pressure on me by leveraging the media by a group of people who are trying to seize my assets in Turkey. This group is engaged in illegal activities and has its roots all the way in the United States. Thus far, its efforts have been decidedly unsuccessful before judicial authorities.

First of all, contrary to the allegations made in the article, BoraJet was not founded in the United States. It happens to be a Turkish company established in Turkey and is a part of the $400 million investment that I, as a Turkish citizen, have made in Turkey. Furthermore, the allegations in the article about BoraJet establishing a company in Iran and flying to Iran concern the years 2012-2013, when I was not on the BoraJet board, contrary to what is reported. All flights of Turkish origin must be cleared by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (GDCA). BoraJet flew to Iran a total of five times, with the approval of the GDCA, but I stopped these flights immediately after receiving legal input from the U.S. that these flights may violate Iran sanctions. In addition, contrary to the impression that the article tries to create, BoraJet was not the only airline that flew to Iran at that time; other airlines including Turkish Airlines flew to Iran as well.

Next, the effort made in the article to link me with FETO and the accusation that I am a FETO member in exile is such vile slander that it is undeserving of a response. I have lived in the U.S. for over 40 years. What I have personally accomplished in my professional life, and the efforts that I have made on behalf of Turkey in the U.S. through the companies and foundations I have established in Turkey and the U.S., constitute sufficient proof that these allegations are baseless. My activities in the U.S. and in Turkey have never shared the same platform with FETO, and all efforts to connect the two have been in vain.

I would like to assure the public that I will continue my legal fight against those who burden the judicial authorities with such slander and false accusations, and those who fabricate these false reports, serve them to the press and publish them. I will never succumb to these pressures, no matter what the outcome may be.

Yalcin Ayasli

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